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Welcome to Rent a Cow.com!

Welcome to Rent a Cow.com, the first and largest cow retailer in the world! Here you can rent many different types of cows for a certain amount of time. Our service is a fast and easy way to rent cows. Shipping is fast and free*. Our company is the only legal cow retailer in the world!
*if you live in North America
*Please note that this site was made for a school project. It is not real and you can't actually rent cows. Thank you.

Rare Cows!

We ship some very rare cows not sold anywhere else such as the elusive flying cow and the brown cow that gives chocolate milk. Some of these cows were very hard to obtain. Many people have not even heard of these cows because they are that rare. You won't find a better deal anywhere! We are so famous that we are known worldwide.
Our herd of rentable cows are in perfect shape. They are fit and all of them can carry up to 350 pounds. They are fed top quality hay and fresh water. Their milk is ranked among the best in the world. Read our Shipping Policy Here

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