Shipping Policy

Shipping is free within North America. It is $20.00 per cow to ship to Europe and $35.00 per cow to ship to Asia, South America, and Africa. It costs $40.00 to ship to Australia. We do not ship to Antarctica. Shipping is free is you rent 3 or more cows at a time. Your cow will be shipped the next business day.

   Time and Delays

-North America 3-6 business days
-Europe 4-8 business days
-Asia and Africa 5-10 business days
-South America 4-8 business days
-Australia 5-12 business days

Your delivery may be delayed because of:
-bad weather
-bad traffic
-volcanoes or hurricanes
-the cow being out of stock
-the end of the world
We ask for your understanding.
 Please call Customer Service toll-free at 999-9999-COWS to check the status of your order or if you have any questions. If your cow has been shipped, we cannot cancel it.